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Not Me

6 July, 2007

I know what you’re all thinking. Well I’ll tell you straight, it’s not me. I am not the Boston Bonbon Bandit. Nope. Not me.

But you’re thinking, “Ah, so you say! But can you prove it? Can you offer anything more solid than your word, that you, Dan, are innocent of bonbon banditry in Boston?”

Why yes. Yes I can.

The aforementioned bandit, whom I assert that I am not, has robbed chocolate stores… but he has only ever taken cash. No chocolate. Never.

So = p

Not me.



The Sign Says It All

13 June, 2007

sign on Cape Cod



28 May, 2007

I’m a big fan of the SteamPunk genre and antique futurism. You know, that turn of the century sci-fi where men in suits and pith helmets would go time travelling to hunt dinosaurs, or visit other planets in cast-iron spaceships with oak panelled interiors. A time when they imagined all buildings of the future would be art deco.

So I think it’s pretty darn cool that WETA (the special effects folks behind the Lord of the Rings movies) have started selling antique ray guns. Just the sort of thing you need to have on hand when the Mars-men come to steal our women. Check out the site and read the testimonials, they’re a hoot.

ray gun


At a thousand dollars a pop, I don’t expect to be buying one.  Especially since the ammunition is no longer being manufactured. But I still have to give them credit for an imaginative idea, well executed. Zot!