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Back in Van (plus chocolate)

13 December, 2007

Yes, here I am, back in Vancouver for a week. And, get this… it’s raining!

I’m really just passing through on my way up to Prince George to visit with my family for Commerce holidays, but it’s great to have a couple days to see a bunch of old friends again (old friends, heh, I’ve only been gone a year).

In other news, traffic on this blog has spiked like crazy. It’s like a geyser with a stick of dynamite in it. And it’s all hits from people searching for one thing: chocolate. Apparently I’ve mentioned it on here a time or two. Now, it’s drawing people from all over the intertron. I wonder, is chocolate the new pr0n? Should I revamp my blog to be a hub for all things chocolate? Should I post recipes?


1 litre Chocolate Milk


Open carton. Makes one serving.

Should I (chocolate) increase the (chocolate) number of (chocolate) times I use the (chocolate) word (chocolate) “chocolate” (chocolate) just so (chocolate) I can boost the (chocolate) amount of  (chocolate) traffic here (chocolate)? No, I’m above such naked pandering to the masses, chocolate-crazed though they may be.

Because really, this is a blog about a boy and his tiger, not chocolate (though it does make the occasional guest appearance). It would be wrong to draw people here when they’re really just looking for chocolate, and have no idea who the heck Blake and I are. The proper thing for me to do would be to refrain from mentioning chocolate at all, so I don’t end up leading people astray. So there you have it, I won’t mention chocolate again. Except that I just said it.  Chocolate, I mean.

I’m such a brat. =D