The Tiger Has Landed

7 June, 2008

Yes, Blake and I are back in Vancouver. We stepped off a plane on May 25th, and I went in to EA for my first day of work the following day. The first week was a whirlwind of work, apartment hunting and cattle-driving, except without the cattle-driving.

In the end though, I managed to find a really nice apartment. It’s a little bit higher rent than I was hoping to find, but the place itself is beautiful and the location is awesome. It’s just off Commercial Drive, which is one of the hippest and coolest areas of Vancouver. It’s got a wacky mix of greasy-spoon diners, hippy fashion boutiques, high-end restaurants, vegetarian cafes, used book stores, very trendy pubs, antique shops, etc. It’s an area that has been transitioning from hippy ghetto to yuppy entertainment district for several years, and the patchwork that has resulted is fascinating.

Last night Vania and I walked up the length of the Drive, looking for a place to eat. We settled on a Greek resaurant, and it was excellent. On the way back, we found a little CD store full of alternative and world-beat music. I found a CD I’d been searching for for years, and saw a lot more stuff I’d like to check out too. I suspect I’ll be back. = ]

In the meantime, I’m camping out in a nearly empty apartment. My stuff isn’t expected to get here until late next week some time. Luckily, I planned for this. In my luggage, I packed my sleeping bag, my therma-rest, my camping pots, a plastic plate, a cup, a towel, an alarm clock, Blake’s favourite toys, etc. I’m not exactly prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, but I am reasonably well equipped to survive in the apartment until the rest of my stuff gets here. At least I have internet access now, so the essentials are in place.


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