Joy to the Whirled

26 December, 2007

Before I write anything else, let me wish you, dear reader, a very Merry Commerce and a Happy New Year. I hope the past year has been good to you, and you’re having a wonderful holiday, and there are good things in store for you in the coming year. I still recommend you usher it in blinding drunk, just in case that turns out to be the high point.

I’m having a great holiday so far. I will now present my bullet point list of highlights.

Dan’s Bulleted List of Holiday Highlights

  • getting blasted on French-Canadian beer (appropriately named “La Fin Du Monde”) with T&A, while playing endless rounds of TimeSplitters 2. I was the dinosaur on the rooftop with the chaingun.
  • my dad has finished his book on our family history. I’m about halfway through, and it rocks.
  • me, Vania, my two nieces, and my mom, all sitting around playing our respective Nintendo DSes. I got the girls Phantom Hourglass, and my mom is seriously hooked on Puzzle Quest.
  • Doing a grueling class of Hapkido with Master Forster. It’s a great reference point to come back and train with him each year, and make sure I haven’t been backsliding.
  • My eleven-year-old nieces know all about Thor and Odin. My sister has taught them well.
  • There is half a metre of snow here, and we’ve had more heavy snowfall the last two nights. This is the way a white xmas is supposed to be.
  • The devil invented a new card game and taught it to my mother. It’s called sets, and it’s cruel like salt in a paper cut. My mom loves it and makes us play it every night. Only for my mother…

In general, I’m having a great time. These visits home every year are like plugging in your cellphone overnight – it’s the only thing that keeps me going through the rest of the year. I find that as time goes by, my family becomes more and more important to me, so it means a lot to get back to see them every xmas. When people have known you this long, and still like you… you keep them close to your heart.


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