Just Checking In

22 September, 2007

I am still alive. Rumours of my demise are, as you can see, overly optimistic.

I’m still putting in crazy hours at work. I can’t say I like the lifestyle, but I do have to admit that all the effort is having an impact – the game is starting to look very good. That’s something, isn’t it?

At least the end is in sight. There is still at least a week ago… but that’s a timeframe I can wrap my head around (even in my current, deteriorated state). Back when we started crunching all day, every day, the end of September seemed impossibly far away, like the 25th century. Now I feel like that day will actually arrive, and what’s more, there will still be a me to see it. What a glorious new dawn that will be. Blake and I will emerge, hand in hand, blinking in the stunning glare of daylight. “Is this the promised land?” we will ask. “Is this liberation?”


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