Crunch Mode

24 June, 2007

Next week is a week of crunch mode. That means I’ll be at work 50 hours instead of the usual 40. Not fun, but it could be worse – last time we crunched, it was for a full month and involved working on the weekends too. It won’t be quite so grueling this time.

But it is the first taste of what the next couple months should be like. We’re approaching our deadline, and there’s still lots to do (there’s always still lots to do). I expect we’ll be crunching off and on until the game is done. It isn’t fun, and it’s probably not even wise, but it’s kind of a necessary evil in the game industry, so I figure the best approach is just to put my head down and try to make the best possible use of the time.

And eat chocolate, ’cause it’s good for me.


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