15 May, 2007

Imagine the streets of Boston, filled with a vast horde. Though their bodies should have no strength left, somehow they find the unnatural will to take one more step, and another, and another. Their hair and clothing are in disarray, and they smell bad, but still they continue, driven to reach their goal. No, I’m not talking about the Boston Marathon. I’m not even talking about the line-up to get Rolling Stones tickets. I’m talking about the annual Boston Zombie Walk.

All last week, a few of my coworkers were buzzing with anticipation about this. Though I had other plans, I have to say this is an awesome display of what the adult geek generation is all about. Our grandparents fought World War II and saved us from fascism. The next generation sought to move humanity beyond war and materialism and find a harmonious existence. And my generation dresses up like zombies and shambles down the street scaring the shit out of old people. I think that’s pretty damn cool.

Apparently this is not a new thing. From what I’ve read, the first ever Zombie Walk occurred in Toronto. ‘Cause us canucks are, like, more undead eh? But now they’re catching on in other cities, and this is now second one for Boston. People who went said that the best part was the group of fake protesters who followed the march, carrying signs like “Dead Go Home!” and “Life is for the Living!” Brilliant stuff. Zombies of Boston, I salute you!



One comment

  1. I saw a clip somewhere of a zombie walk (I think it was in Montreal), and a group of huge D&D nerds all dressed up in armor with weapons ambushed them and they had a battle in the street. Pretty funny.

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