17 April, 2007

I’m on Facebook. Pretty trendy, huh? =D

I’ve been on it since shortly after it came out (fall of ’05). Truth is, I wasn’t particularly interested in getting my “social network” on, it was more a matter of doing some research for my boss (mad shout out to the mighty Jay B!). But it did turn out to be kind of cool, even though most of my friends and classmates were not on it.

Until last week! The F-Day Invasion was apparently scheduled for 13 April 2007. At that point a whole bunch of people I knew suddenly appeared on Facebook, either because they had just joined, or I just discovered their profiles (probably a mixture of both). Now even my girlfriend is on Facebook (mad shout out to the lovely Vania C!).

So now I’m all totally networked socially. I gots Web Two Point Oh all up ins. Now all sorts of people, who I thought were just my friends, are now my friends on Facebook. Wow! How cool is that? =D

I make fun of the whole thing, but I have to admit, it does have some kind of cool going on. As someone who has recently moved away from everyone he knows, connections like that, as trivial and ephemeral as they seem, are actually nice to have. So while I might poke some gentle fun at the Book o’ Face, and at myself for being on it… the truth is I think it’s pretty neat.


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