Baling Paper, Down on the Farm

15 April, 2007

One of the last things left to deal with from my move is all the paper. The movers packed everything in big sheets of paper, and as I unpacked it all, I stuffed the paper into a wardrobe box. By the time I was done, I had two full boxes like this one.


The rest of the boxes were easy to flatten and deal with, but all this paper is another story. I called Malden City Hall, and it turns out that there is no central depot to drop off recycling (which sucks for all sorts of reasons, I recycle a lot), and you can’t leave anything at the curb that is bigger than 3′ by 3′ (I assume it’s also 3′ in the other dimension, and btw that’s 90cm folks). So the wardrobe boxes are too big for that.

I got some twine the other day so I could bundle all the paper into bales of a suitable, curb-friendly size. Well, the first bale was a dog’s breakfast, so I realized I needed a better process. Here’s what I did for all the subsequent bales. I tied a loop about a metre and a half from the end of the twine, and piled the paper on the string, as seen here (the loop is kind of hard to spot, but it’s there).

paper 2

That way, I could pile lots of paper on, jam it into the corner to compact it, thread the string through the loop and reef on it hard, and voila. A nice compact bale of paper, which I can leave on the curb next recycling day.

With that chore done, now I can update the blog and go play some more Throne of Darkness! Join me next week when I feed the chickens and muck out the barn.


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