10 April, 2007

It turns out I’m not the only Dan where I work. In fact, though it’s not a big company, I’m actually Dan #6. Obviously, a decent nickname was in order, unless I wanted to be addressed as a number, and I’ve not yet been assimilated into the Borg.  Though I hear resistance is futile.

Now I have a certain handle that I sometimes use as a gamertag, and insightful individuals have noted that it is in fact my first initial, and my last name. I like it because when I go to a new job, it’s not uncommon for them to use that for my email address, kind of by default. So I made a point of using it at work, and sure enough, it’s sticking. I am the programmer known as “Dread.” Even the Mad Doc himself thought it was pretty cool.

In other news, I’m sure everyone is quite well aware that today was the Boston Red Sox season opener. What, you didn’t!? Well, apparently it’s a big freakin’ deal down here. They made a whole event of it at work, brought in hot dogs and popcorn and set up chairs so we could all watch it on the big screen in the meeting room.

The hot dog was good, but as for the game… meh, I think I’d rather watch stone erode. =P



  1. Dread…haha! Obviously they’ve never played Risk with you. ;P

    Ya, what’s up with baseball? Could you possibly invent a more boring sport?



  2. I know, I know… and people say computer games are a waste of time!

    Hockey seems to be well below the radar here. I haven’t heard anyone say a word about the Bruins. Even if the Canucks thrashed them mightily, I’d have no-one to gloat to… because nobody’d care. = [


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