Happy Easter, Canadians

5 April, 2007

You’re all heading into a wonderful three or four day long weekend. Pretty damn sweet. My weekend, I’m afraid, will only be of the conventional two-day variety. It seems that people generally don’t get Good Friday off here (how can it be good if you don’t have it off?) and nobody gets Easter Monday off either.

I think you should all appreciate being able to take a long weekend every month or so. That’s not the case down here. There are very few stat holidays, and it’s a shame, really. We’d all be better off if we worked a little less, even if we produced less (and the planet would be far better off, but that’s a rant for another day…) and earned less.

Oh well. Even without a long weekend, this kicks ass on being in school. I’ll have a good weekend anyway. And I’ll sure as hell eat some chocolate!



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