Random Encounters

31 March, 2007

Crunch mode is finally over. I’m revelling in the luxury of a two-day weekend. I’m not doing much now except house chores and monster-slaying, but I have two interesting experiences to relate from the past week (you can safely assume that everything else was work).

One – Thursday night around 4am, I was woken up by a brilliant flashing light outside my window, accompanied by an electrical crackling noise like a raccoon caught in a bug zapper. Not sure what it was, I took a look but didn’t see any downed power lines, and my clock radio was still on. Maybe something from the rail tracks nearby.

Two – I was sauntering into the grocery store this morning, and an old man with a thick Boston-Jewish accent hollered at me, “I know what you’ve got in your pocket!”

Expecting to be accused of carrying the One Ring, I asked, “What?”

“Your hand!”

He was right. Man, when I get old and crazy, I’m going to use that one too.



  1. Old men like that are funny. One time I was leaving campus and an older guy said “Hey, you left something behind!”. I turned around and looked as if something fell out of my backpack, and then asked “What?” to which he replied “Your tracks.”.

    Bam doom tish. Hehe.

  2. Note – that was supposed to be “ba doom tish”. 🙂

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