A Break from Crunching

25 March, 2007

I haven’t been updating here much this week because I’ve been putting in lots of overtime at work. Today I had the day off (I worked Saturday), so it was a bit of a chance to catch my breath and unwind.

I did my dishes, and the laundry. I stretched a bit and did a kicking workout – working evenings this month has meant I didn’t have time to join a club, though I have my eye on a Tang Soo Do club down the road.

I did a bunch of work on my Oblivion mod (I’ll talk about that in more depth later). And to really unwind, I played a bunch of Throne of Darkness. It’s an old Japanese-themed game from around 6 years ago. It got poor reviews at the time, but I had played a demo of it and thought it was pretty good. The poor reviews stopped me from picking it up, but as the years went by, I started to kick myself. I’d played the demo and liked it… why should I let someone else’s opinion turn me away from buying it? But it had long since disappeared from the shelves, so I figured I had missed my chance.

Then about a year ago, I found a good website that sells out-of-print games. They even had Throne of Darkness, for dirt cheap, so I ordered a copy. I expected to just get a CD in a jewel-case and that’s it, but I got the full original box, with the manual and even the marketing fliers inside. Then about a month later, I found the strategy guide in a friend’s store, and talked him into selling it to me for a dollar (thanks Karl, you RAWK). So now I can finally put on my hachi-maki and my yoroi, draw my nodachi and set forth to do battle with kappa, oni and obake!

It’s a Diablo-style game where you take a group of samurai (seven of them, as a matter of fact) and set out to slaughter all sorts of supernatural baddies. Good fun. There just aren’t enough games where you get to be a samurai…


One comment

  1. Awesome that you’re finally playing that game! I forgot about that website, just ordered HomeWorld 2 from them 🙂

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