Red Fire Engine

12 March, 2007

I was thinking the other day, while I was doing my grocery shopping, about how Blake has really handled this whole moving thing very well. He found himself taken away from his familiar surroundings, forced to live in a hotel room and then a barren apartment. No more visits from Vania, and I was either at work or rushing off to take care of some new moving issue. Life has gotten back to normal now, and I think he has become comfortable with the new place, now that he’s been there long enough and the familiar furniture has reappeared. But for a while there, I’m sure he must have been quite concerned about what was going on.

Still, he never voiced a word of complaint or misbehaved in any way. He weathered it all with his characteristic stoicism and, I’m convinced, a deep-seated optimism that if he just perserveres, things will turn out all right.

I decided he deserved some kind of reward, for putting up with so much and being such a good tiger through it all. So I picked out a fire engine for him.

Blake and his fire engine

He’s thrilled with it, as I knew he would be. I figure, after all I put Blake through over the last couple months, I can put up with him making siren noises for a few days. = ]



  1. Blake is always ready to come to your rescue. Even more so now that he has a fire engine!

  2. too

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