White. Hot. Rage.

3 March, 2007

My phone is still not hooked up. It is going on a month since I requested service. I had a conversation with a Verizon representative yesterday, where she assured me that my service would be hooked up that day. Having had such assurances before (earlier in the week, they actually sent me an email telling me it was hooked up and ready to go… NOT), I asked, “So what happens when I go home tonight and there’s still no dial tone?”

The Verizon rep said, “Oh, it will be hooked up. The service man is there right now.”

“Ok, let’s suppose there’s still no dial tone when I get home. What then?”

“Then we can send someone out on Saturday and we’ll get it all straightened out for you.”

I told her that I expected someone to come on Saturday, and not leave until I had a dial tone. She once again assured me that wouldn’t be necessary, as my phone would be hooked up by the time I got home tonight.

There’s no cliffhanger here. You’ve already guessed it – I got home and still had no dial tone. I walked down to the payphone at the grocery store this morning and called Verizon again. This time I was told that they were very busy, and they couldn’t promise that someone would be able to come out today. He said the earliest appointment date was Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 7th. That would be one full month after I had initially requested service. Un-fucking-believable. I told him they had till the end of today to get my phone line working, or I would find a different service provider who could.

I’ve already checked out Comcast, and I’ll call them tomorrow morning. And as for the wireless modem Verizon sent me? They can come and pick it up themselves. I’ll be damned if I’ll do the legwork to mail it back to them.



  1. I tried several times to post this, didn’t work before.

    I wonder if you’ve seen this:

    Try and stick it out for a bit…it’s pretty long, about 20 mins.


    And if you want to see how the good fight continued…


  2. Hey, sorry the site was dicking you around. I think the links triggered the forum spam filter or something like that. Anyway, this last time it asked me to moderate, so I got the chance to let your comment through.

    And wow. Guess I’m not alone in having bad experiences with Verizon. Well, their loss, my dollars already went elsewhere.

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