The Reason I haven’t Called is…

26 February, 2007

I still don’t have my goddamn phone connection. It is almost three weeks since I moved in, and I keep coming home each day expecting to pick up the phone and hear a dial tone… but no dice. I can’t believe it. In the Twenty First Century, activating a phone connection should involve little more than

bPhoneConnection = true;

but apparently that’s not the case. At one point they told me it was already connected, but obviously, it isn’t or I would be able to make a phone call.

Anyway, I’m considering adding two new lines to the Samurai Creed…

I have no Telephone; I make the payphone in the grocery store parking lot my Telephone.

I have no Internet Connection; I make my neighbour’s unsecured wireless network my Internet Connection.

I’ll bet Miyamoto Musashi didn’t have to wait this long to get his phone hooked up. Oh well. If there’s any consolation at all, it’s that that’s the last thing that needs to fall into place for me to be fully settled here. Other than that, things have mostly come together. I’m close to having all my stuff unpacked and squared away in the new apartment, and I should have new pictures up for you soon. It’s looking swell, and Blake is feeling much more at ease now that he’s surrounded by all the familiar stuff from the old place.


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