Chocolate Milk

24 February, 2007

You knew I was going to talk about it eventually.

Those of you who have never had a morning class with me might not be aware that for me, a litre of chocolate milk is breakfast. A “breakfast” is a one litre carton of chocolate milk. People goggle at me when I drink them, but really, it’s the perfect breakfast. It weighs in at about 700 calories, it has more than twice as much protein as fat, it is packed with vitamins, and it tastes good to boot. I can grab a carton from the fridge on my way out the door, throw it in my pack, and I’m set.

One of the things that concerned me about moving to the excited states of america was what kind of chocolate milk I would find here. My first encounters were not promising. The hotel I stayed at did have chocolate milk out for breakfast, but that brand (Hood) was too thin, too sweet, and just failed to satisfy.

However, now that I’m settled in my own place, and buying rations and supplies at the local grocery store (the “Super Stop & Shop,” a name that is both emphatic and literal), I’ve found brands that are more to my liking. The Super Stop & Shop’s house brand is entirely up to my standards, but they have another brand, Garelick Farms, that is quite good. My only complaint is that they only sell it in plastic jugs, not cardboard cartons.

Drinking chocolate milk from a plastic jug is like drinking beer from a can.



  1. At least you can’t spill it on my carpet from there

  2. Rofl. I’m a bad, bad person. You’d best watch it, I could come back for a visit some day.

    On the other hand, if you came to visit me, I’d LET you spill something on my floor, just to even the score.

  3. A litre of chocolate milk for breakfast? Every day?
    Why not just go for the diabetic gusto and blend up boxes of Count Chocula in fresh milk?

    Egad man, how is your pancreas doing?

    President, Samurai Quality Control Concern

  4. Yeah, there is sugar in chocolate milk. You got me thinking there… till I compared some of the other things in my fridge and found that the chocolate milk had less sugar per 240ml serving than either grapefruit juice or cranberry juice. I think my pancreas will be just fine. = ]

    Good to know the SQCC is keeping an eye on me though!

  5. For the sake of your health, you may want to delve into this a little more. Fruit juices (especially on an empty stomach) are notorious for spiking one’s blood glucose, too.



  6. Damn! Ok, I’ll check it out.

  7. Have you ever heard of a brand called T.G. Ellis? i had it in Florida and haven’t seen it since and cant find it on the net.

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