The Bleeding Has Stopped!

16 February, 2007

I got my first paycheque. This is more than just a regular payday… this is a turning point. This marks the point where after years of being in school, I can finally stop hemorrhaging money.

There isn’t even anything in particular I feel like going out and buying… I don’t have a wish list. Just the knowledge that I can stop piling up this mountain of debt, and finally start paying it off, is a sweet, sweet feeling.

I don’t even want to make any predictions about how many years it will take until I’m broke (debt free). That doesn’t matter right now, it doesn’t matter how long that road is, as long as I know that I’m finally on that road and headed in the right direction.



  1. Hurray! Must be a great feeling. Congrats and hope your car defrosts soon!

  2. Thanks Karl. The car has been liberated. It warmed up today, so I went out with my hammer and chipped away until I got all four of the tires free. You should’ve seen the ice chips flying!

  3. You can always buy guns

  4. Congrats on the first paycheque. Welcome to income!

  5. So, rich and noble sir, about that money you owe me and my good pal, Vinny…

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