Ice Storm

15 February, 2007

I meant to take some photos of my car and put them up, but fate threw an interesting twist into the story.

There had been dire predictions for a couple days leading up to the 14th, that a major storm was coming. A lot of people took their computers home with them the day before, so they could work from home just in case the roads were impassable. I didn’t, since I have no internet connection at home anyway (remember, I’m just leeching off some neighbour’s unsecured wireless).

When the 14th came, it was indeed stormy, with the snow blowing horizontal, hard and fast. Traffic was pretty much a crawl the whole way, but I made it there just fine anyway (in my new car).

However, around noon a mass email got sent out at work, telling us all to go home within the next hour because the weather was only going to get worse. So I gladly took the rest of the day off, and went out to buy a few supplies, in particular a windshield scraper. Well, the stores were all out, because I guess people had been buying them up with the storm coming and all. So I was about to leave empty-handed, but then I got an idea. I went to the hardware section, and for 39 cents I got one of those plastic light switch plates. Nice hard plastic with a sharp edge. = ] I tried it out right away (the ice was already freezing onto the windshield) and it worked great. I was all chuffed… no functional fixedness here!

Well, this morning I went out to my car, and found that it was all coated with ice on the windward side. There was no way I was going to get my key into that lock. But worse yet, the tires were locked up in ice, right up to the hubcaps. I knew there was no chance of getting out of there. I climbed in the passenger side and fired the car up anyway. It was totally futile. Not a millimeter of movement when I tromped on the gas. My lightswitch cover wasn’t going to get me out of this one…


Frozen wheel

I had to take the train into work and get someone to pick me up from the Ballardvale station. There was some crazy guy on the train who was appalled to find out this wasn’t the train to Miami. I wonder if it was the northerly heading that gave it away? Anyway, he was arguing with the conductor… as if there was actually some chance that the conductor was wrong, and the train really was bound for Miami. Crazy folks… ain’t they something?

Here are photos of the car and the glacier that has formed around it. And by the way… the car’s name is Bruce. = D




  1. Yowza!

  2. Holy cow!

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