Bought a beater

11 February, 2007

I’m one more step closer to getting set up here in Boston. I put a deposit down on a car this weekend (I’ll pay the rest and pick it up on Tuesday). It’s a 1992 Toyota Corolla sedan, a little dinged up but quite serviceable (I’ll put up pix later). The main thing is that the price is right. At $2100, plus insurance, I can put it straight on the Visa card and have it paid off in a couple paycheques. I’ll be able to take back the rental car that’s costing me $205 per week, and I’ll finally be able to get a parking permit.

Let me tell you about parking. To park on the street by my apartment, I need a parking permit. To prove I live there, I need to show registration for the car with that address on it. Since I’m driving a rental car at the moment, I can’t get a permit (and apparently they’re quite on the ball about towing cars without permits). So I’ve needed to find a place to park my car each night. All the parking lots for businesses nearby have signs clearly stating NO OVERNIGHT PARKING. Most of the parking garages forbid it too. I managed to find one place about 4 blocks from here that will let me park overnight, but here’s the catch… if I get my car out by 6 am, it costs $4, but if I take it out any later, it’s $20. And it turns out the place is closed on the weekends! I had to call the security company to let me out on Saturday morning, and now my car is illegally parked (assuming it hasn’t already been towed) in a different garage that was also closed, but leaves the gates up on weekends. What an incredible hassle.

In spite of all the obstacles though, things are coming together. My stuff arrives on Monday, which will be a big boost. I’m especially looking forward to having a proper bed, more than 5 days clothes, cooking pots (I just have my camping pots and dishes at the moment) and a couch. I miss the last one especially because I came down with the flu this weekend (not surprising given I’ve been under so much stress and getting so little sleep). Yeah, I’m sick like a dawg.


I am literally made of snot.

So this, I think, is the last of the rough patch. By the end of the week, I’ll have wheels, my place will be set up like a proper home, and I’ll have my first paycheque.



  1. Congrats on getting a new car.

    Montreal was very similar in parking, except that they didn’t tow you, they ticketed you. At 75$ a pop. Which comes close to what towing a car would be. So they make more money that way.

    And I was living out in the hicks.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Hope you are improving! The Z.Q. (Zany Quotient) of the Lower Mainland has dropped since you’ve left. Even Gordon Campbell was mentioning it: where the heck is Dan, Bill Good?



  3. Ash:

    Yeah, it sucks harsh. When I went to get my car on Monday morning (at 5:45am) the gate was already down, and there was no one to let me out. When the guy finally showed up, he scolded me for having parked there in the first place. Like fuck, what’s a guy to do? I’d have bought a ticket if I could have, let alone a parking permit.


    Shh… at the border, I made a point of answering all the zany-related questions in the negative. Don’t blow my cover… 0.o

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