The week in review

4 February, 2007

This past week has been extraordinarily frustrating. The biggest thing was finding out that transit is useless to me. There is no transit near my hotel, and although there is a commuter train line that runs right past my office, the nearest station is a few kilometres to the north. I tried walking to it one lunch hour, just to see (on a curvy road with no sidewalk or even shoulders) and it took an hour and fifteen minutes to get there and back. Plus the trains are fairly infrequent anyway. The hotel has a shuttle that will take me to and from work, but that’s obviously not a long term solution.

So I had to spend most of last week searching up places online, and not actually being able to go look at any apartments. But on Friday I got a rental car, and I was finally able to get this show on the road!

And what a difference that made. I was able to find a place on Saturday. I won’t be moving in until Wednesday, but when I do I’ll make sure to take some pictures of it and get them up on here. It’s in Malden, a suburb of Boston, and has pretty easy access to the I-93 highway, which will get me to work in less than a half hour. It’s a large, top floor, one bedroom apartment in funky old brick building. It has “1927” engraved in stone over the door. The suite is definitely old-school, with fat wooden baseboards, hardwood floors and plaster walls. I dig that, it’s just the sort of place I’d been imagining I’d find here. The appliances are fairly new and the place has obviously been well kept up (they’re even painting it again before I move in).

Having that taken care of is a HUGE load off my mind. There are still lots more things I need to get done (power, gas, phone, internet, parking permit, social security number, bank account, and oh yeah, CAR) but having this first thing taken care of really has me feeling much better of things.

After finding the apartment, I checked out the Massachusetts Ave area (found a neat mall filled with all sorts of Japanese restaurants and shops) and met my cousin Cheryl and her husband Kevin for dinner. The last time I saw Cheryl was almost 10 years ago, and the last time before that was… well, I think I was still in the army. But she and Kevin seem like pretty cool folks, and it’s nice to feel like I know somebody here.

The other bright spark is that the people at work are incredibly friendly and welcoming. I feel very welcome and I’m already making friends. Played board games with some folks on Wednesday, and some Mario Kart on Friday. There’s a lot of shit to do before Blake and I are fully settled here in Boston, but in the end, I think life here is going to be just fine. = ]


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