Where the hell am I?

28 January, 2007

I had a bit of a start this morning. I woke up, and realized I was in a hotel room in Andover, Massachusetts.


My keychain is in a pocket of my backpack. There are no keys on it. It’s just a bare ring. No more house keys, no more car keys, nothing. And I think that’s really symbolic of how I’m still in mid-leap here. I’ve left the ground, but I still haven’t landed safely yet. I won’t really have touched down until I have a place of my own again, and a regular means of getting around to work and all the other things I need to get to.

I really look forward to getting to that point. I look forward to being able to drop my bags on the floor of my new place, crash, let out a deep breath and go ahhh. And put my new keys on my keychain.



  1. Be brave Dan. You know you can’t always have your feet on the ground.

  2. Hang in there man! I look forward to hearing about your exploits at Mad Doc soon.

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