The Piece of Paper

20 January, 2007

I finally have it. The piece of paper. THE piece of paper. This is what all the time and money I spent at UBC was all about… this one document. It’s not even my degree certificate.

It’s just a letter from the faculty of science, that states that I have completed my degree requirements, and will receive my degree in the spring graduation. That’s all. But it is this piece of paper that I will show at the border to prove that I’m qualified to go down and take the job at Mad Doc. So really, this is where the rubber meets the road, where all my investment at UBC pays off. Because without this letter, I wouldn’t be able to go after this opportunity. And when the actual degree certificate arrives, it will already be irrelevant. It will just go in a file folder with my other degree and diplomas, and never be seen again.

It feels pretty strange to have this single, flimsy document be the sole product of my years at UBC, but it truly is. It was the specific goal for which I went there, and while I had hoped there would be some, you know, LEARNING involved as well, that just wasn’t part of the bargain. At least, very little, and what learning there was was far removed from anything I could use. And that’s a shame, because those years could have been packed with learning, like my time at BCIT, at CDIS, or at Radical.

Oh well. At least I have the piece of paper.


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