The White Stuff

11 January, 2007

Man, do we have snow! About 15cm, thick and powdery. The weather is freezing, and the roads are icy and dangerous. By the gods, I love it! I want it to stay like this until I leave (then it can go back to the drab, grey non-weather that everyone else in this city prefers).

Why do I like the snow so much? It’s not because I ski or snowboard or even build snowmen. I just like having it there. It’s the comfort of being inside when you know the weather outside is fierce and inhospitable. It’s gazing out the window and seeing the world all white and still, like the frenzy of the city has been temporarily suppressed. Hushed, even. It’s taking it slow driving, because you know everyone else on the road is either petrified with fright, or naively reckless, so you just poke along at whatever speed the traffic is going at, and hey, if you’re late, everyone understands. Because there’s SNOW.


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