A Dark and Stormy Night…

15 December, 2006

It really is. It’s almost 4 am but I was woken up by the racket and can’t get back to sleep. The wind is howling and making an eery whistling down my chimney, but to top it off of it’s clattering the lid of my metal mailbox like you would not believe.

It sounds like a desperate, frantic pounding on the door, like Terror itself is trying to beat its way in. The noise is extremely disturbing… and delicious. I could go out and duct-tape it shut, but that would just ruin the experience. Plus I’m half afraid to even step out there. Because, honestly… is it really only the wind? I half expect I could step outside tomorrow and find inch-deep claw marks torn into the wood of the door.

I think that’s awesome.


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