A Grand and Terrible Venture

9 December, 2006

I’m going to Boston. This is the big news of the decade. I’ve been hired as an Artificial Intelligence programmer for a game company called Mad Doc Software. This is basically my dream job, and the goal I’ve been working toward since I was 15 years old and programming text RPGs in Basic. And more recently, it was the motivation for spending the last 4 years in school to get my comp sci degree. So… success, right? Yay.

Honestly, I am happy I got the job. It’s the sort of position I thought I was going to have to work towards, you know, pay my dues in more menial programming roles until I earned enough credibility to get to do AI stuff. But here I’ve managed to get exactly what I wanted right out of the starting gate.

But I’m also painfully aware of how much I’m giving up in order to take the job. I’m leaving behind some great friends, my family, and the sweetest girl I’ve ever known. I have to ask myself if I’m giving up too much to pursue a dream. Are my priorities mixed up? Or am I just a whiny bitch?

This just in: I’m a whiny bitch.

Life is always changing, and I’m fooling myself if I think I can just find myself a comfortable spot and hide there for the rest of my days. I’ve taken so many risks in my life, and had so many great experiences as a result. “To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield,” right? I should take this chance and run with it. Odds are, I won’t regret it.

I’ll be funnier next time, I promise.


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